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We offer internet via Wifi where others fail, providing to the most remote areas of the cities, the ability to have a stable and quality internet connection. We are specialized in the development of wireless projects for urbanizations and complex as well as hotels and large areas. Our qualified staff will do the viability study without obligation.

Along with the Internet, we offer telephony services and IPTV soon. We continue advancing and innovating every day to offer our customers the latest technology and next-generation services.

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Internet Wifi

Viewtech offer:

  • Up to 10Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream.
  • The possibility of symmetrical connections.
  • A guaranteed high quality service.
  • Very competitive prices.
Virtual PBX

A Virtual PBX is a traditional PBX phone with same features but located in the cloud, in specialized data centers and using IP telephony as a basis for communication. Hiring our Virtual PBX service FONYTECH mean an improvement in the management of your calls as well as the initial investment costs.

Also you will have a complete solution with an easy management control panel and all with the benefit of not having the hardware in your office, which is a great savings in investment costs, installation and maintenance.

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General settings:

  • Control Panel
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Conference calling
  • Call transfer, internal and external
  • Call forwarding on busy or no answer
  • Option DND (Do Not Disturb) by extension
  • CallerID
  • Music on hold and transfer

Additional settings:

  • Call Recording
  • Spy and intrusion Mode
  • Queue management
  • Advanced Settings

We also offer Virtual PBX Packs


  • 3 Extensions
  • 2 Channels
  • 1 National DIDs
  • 0 Mins. to Fix/Mobile
  • 18€ PVP/Per Month
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  • Unlimited Extensions
  • 3 Channels
  • 2 National DIDs
  • 500 Mins. to Fix/Mobile
  • 25€ PVP/Per Month
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  • Unlimited Extensions
  • 7 Channels
  • 3 National DIDs
  • 1000 Mins. to Fix/Mobile
  • 45€ PVP/Per Month
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  • Unlimited Extensions
  • 15 Channels
  • 4 National DIDs
  • 2000 Mins. to Fix/Mobile
  • 85€ PVP/Per Month
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VAT not included.
* Fix/Mobile Spain.

Replace your analog or digital line by an IP line and enjoy telephony service with multiple functionalities and capacity for many simultaneous calls.

You can use your IP line from any PBX or IP phone, smartphone, computer or through a Gateway using your analog phone as usual.

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IP Lines

Obtain your IP line and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost for calls up to 70%
  • Free calls between Fonytech users
  • New or carried numbering
  • Online Support via Ticket System
  • Management via web in real time
  • Unbeatable Price
  • Divert if busy
  • 100% scalable, so many lines need
  • Sing Up
  • VAT not included.
IP Numbering

With FONYNUM we will assign you a national and international geographic number to all your IP lines as well as your virtual PBX. IP numbers consist of two incoming channels that, on request, may be increased.

You can also receive unlimited calls from your customers, friends or family, made from the country and internationally at no extra cost share.

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With FONYNUM you can:

  • Perform a portability retaining your phone numbers.
  • Continue receiving calls with your new operator.
  • International numbering available.
  • Do not pay for calls received, only pay a monthly service charge.

Our numeration prices

National Numbering

  • Monthly fee 5€
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Internacional Numbering

  • Monthly fee from 10€ *
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VAT not included.
* Check Country.

There is a growing implementation of new and better voice and information portals that are linked to the development of new technologies, favoring the integration of all consumer communications channels; by implementing CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

Between the traditional technologies that deal in a call center are: telephone infrastructure (switches, phones, Voice over IP), data infrastructure (computers, databases, CRM), the automatic distributor of incoming calls, a Interactive voice Response system, a call recorder, and if the call center is outbound, a marker assisted, automatic, progressive or predictive.

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Call Centers

VOIP based solutions Viewtech systems:

  • We provide a significant savings in hardware and maintenance.
  • We offer features that other conventional PBX can offer only through costly investments.
  • Implement solutions to substantially increase the quality of each call.
  • Infrastructure that ensures optimum availability for agents.
  • Provides the necessary information for each fundamental interaction for a complete analysis.
Consulting & Development

Viewtech offer consulting services oriented to helping our clients and advising them on their technology investment decisions relating to telecommunications and data networks.

Viewtech searches in all projects a continuous improvement in quality, adding value to our customers through innovation, efficient management and specialization of our offer, because each client is unique.

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We offers:

  • Analysis of your telecommunications technology, delivering a growth strategy that according to your needs.
  • Maintenance and optimization of services provided, so you only have to worry about your business.
  • We will update your company with the latest technology.
  • Defined project feasibility, we start applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to carry out the project.
  • We will apply new technology trends always consistent with your business.