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Enjoy the benefits of FONY-VOX for small and medium enterprises without a big investment and getting the best technology in telecommunication systems in the market.

We also offer solutions for Call Centers, Hotels and large infrastructure FONY ...
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You don’t need to renew your phone system to take advantage offered by IP telephony.

Gateways and adapters allows small and medium enterprises to integrate traditional systems, analog and digital lines in an IP telephony network and manage them easily and efficiently. ...
Gateways and Adapters
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Also called SIP or VoIP Phones, IP Phones have more configuration options than conventional phones. Along with the PBX, IP Phones are the major devices for making calls over the Internet.

The IP Phones enable you to apply traffic prioritization mechanisms ...
IP Phones
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We offer a wide range of Routers and Switches original design and high quality oriented SMEs.

You can setup basic configurations of network data as well as advanced settings for traffic prioritization (Qos) for optimization of VoIP, load ...
Routers and Switches
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